Mission Statment

RioBow Resources Inc. is a team of highly motivated and committed individuals striving to surpass our customer’s expectations. We are committed to evolving with ever changing industry standards with a positive and cooperative approach to excellence in service.

TH60 ( Rig 1 )

  • The rig is rated to drill deeper than 300m and is known for its high speed, low torque or low speed, high torque coring capabilities.
  • Cyclone Drilling Rig with 350m Range 3 casing capabilities.
  • Centerline 76.5” X 10” duplex mud pump.

Download Rig 1 Sepcification


KSRM Drilling Rig ( Rig 2 )

  • Depth rating of 600 m w/Range 3 casing capabilities
  • Hydraulic powered dual cylinder draw works with 8 sheave cable system pulling 40,000 kg
  • Mud pump set up: Centerline 7.5” x 10” Duplex

Download Rig 2 Sepcification


Versa-Drill Rig ( Rig 3 )

  • Depth rating of 450 m Range II casing capable.
  • Hydraulic powered single cylinder draw works with gear track system pulling 18,000 kg o Drill feed rate up to 60 m/min with holdback regulation capability.
  • 6 x 6 truck mounted for easy mobility

Download Rig 3 Sepcification